Homeownership Qualifications

Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit organization that builds affordable homes with those who qualify. New homes are sold with an interest-free mortgage for the costs to build the home. Our partner families contribute their own energy – known as “sweat equity” – into the building of their own home and the homes of others. The payments include taxes and insurance and average $400 per month for a three bedroom two bath home.                   

You may be eligible to purchase a Habitat home if you meet our four requirements:

  • Residency – You have lived in Brunswick County for at least one year. You must meet this requirement before you can apply

  • Need – Your housing is at least one of the following

    • Overcrowded

    • Poorly maintained

    • Homeless

    • Too expensive

  • Ability to Pay - You have an income which falls within Habitat's guidelines of at least 35% of the median family income for Brunswick County but not more than 65%. (See the table below.) 

    AND - 
    • You have not declared bankruptcy in the past two years.

    • You can show that you pay your rent and/or other bills on time.

    • You have no judgments against you (you must pay off creditors before applying).

    • You have a stable income that can be proven by pay stubs, letter or tax return.


                         1                  2                 3                 4                   5…            8

30%         11,400      13,000      14,650      16,250      18,500      21,450

60%         22,800      26,000      29,300      32,500      37,000      42,900

80%         30,350      34,700      39,000      43,350      46,850      57,250

  • Willingness to Partner - When you partner with Habitat for Humanity you must agree to:

    • Complete 300 hours for a single person, Or 500 hours for a couple; You will first work on other families’ homes before building your own

    • Attend financial counseling and/or homeowner workshops 

    • Participate in Habitat events

    • Complete the application steps

    • Provide all information in an honest and timely manner


If you meet these guidelines, please complete and return the pre-application.