You must be at least 16 years old to work as a construction volunteer. (16 and 17-year olds must have a parent or guardian sign their Volunteer Information Form and Waiver). Volunteers under 18 are not permitted to use power tools, climb ladders, or work on scaffolding or the roof.

Remember that you are going to be doing construction work so dress appropriately. This includes wearing sturdy hard sole shoes and avoiding loose or baggy clothes. Don't forget a good hat and sunscreen. 

If you have work gloves, knee pads, a hard hat or safety glasses, bring 'em along. Same for basic tools like a hammer, nail apron, tape measure, etc.
Join a Construction Crew

Our construction volunteers come from all kinds of backgrounds: retired construction workers to overworked lawyers, full time teachers -- and their students -- to part time cashiers.

Our crews are out building homes every Tuesday and Thursday, rain or shine, year round. Don't be afraid if you don't have construction or supervision skills, we'll teach you.

To volunteer we require a completed Volunteer Information form  and Release and Waiver of Liability Form in which you agree to take personal responsibility for any accidents or injuries at the work site. Download the forms, sign them and bring them with you.